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Evacuation Info

Survival Checklist

1. Create a disaster plan for you and your family.

2. Stock emergency supplies and assemble a Disaster Supply Kit.

3. Remember to include important documents, medications, water, photographs, and other necessities in your Disaster Supply Kit. 

4. Become familiar with alternate escape routes.

5. Find safe spots in your home in the event officials order you to "Shelter in Place".

6. Always obey orders from law enforcement and fire officials.

7. Create a self-help network of relatives, friends, and co-workers to assist in the event of an emergency.

8. Make sure you have made provisions for your pets.

Pre-Evacuation Tips

1.   Make a backup copy of your hard drive - at least the important files - and keep it at another location.  Create backups on a regular schedule.

2.  You might want to make a computer scanned copy of all important documents and keep a copy in a separate location away from fire danger.  If you aren't at home when your community is evacuated, you'll have the information available.  Scan your important documents - insurance papers, trust documents, financial records.  In the event of an evacuation, you won't have to panic if you don't have the time to find or take all of the originals.



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