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CWPP Instructions

So you'd like to create a Community Wildfire Protection Plan?  There are a few basic questions you need to ask first.


1.  Is your community incorporated? 

2.  How large is your community?

3.  When do you want to complete the CWPP?

4.  Who are your community's "partners"?  Do you want them involved from the beginning? 

5.  Who in your community will take the "lead" position on writing your CWPP?  Is it an organization?  Is it an individual? 

6.  How much time will the "lead" person/group be able to devote to creating the CWPP?

7.  What type of assistance will you need? 

8.  Here's where to start to obtain a step-by-step guide:   http://www.safnet.org/policyandpress/cwpp.cfm


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